7th International School Contest



16 - 18 November 2018


The VII INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL ZARAGOZA is organized by the Festival de Cine Zaragoza with a marked educational value, this International Youth Film Festival aims to promote and stimulate youngsters’ creativity throughout the production of audiovisual works.



Students from Primary, Secondary and Vocational schools resident in any country in the world aged 7 – 20. Although the short films must be made by the students themselves, they can be supervised and coordinated by their teachers.

The shorts submitted for the prize must have been produced after 1st January 2017 and they must be aimed at spreading Educational and Citizenship Values.

The short must be submitted with a certificate issued by the Secretary, Head of Studies or Director of the education centre, confirming that the authors of the short are registered at the centre in question.





Each education centre can present no more than three short films, whose duration must not exceed 15 minutes, including the credits.

The shorts which are not technically suitable for showing in public may be refused.

Shorts can be submitted in any language. All shorts, including English language shorts, must be subtitled in 
Spanish o English to make it easier for non-English speakers to follow.




Both the shorts (avi/mov/mp4/mpg) and the registration forms must be delivered between 18 March and 24 September, 2018. 

Those who wish to participate in the V International Youth Film Festival Zaragoza should apply through the website of the FCZ, completing the appropriate registration form. It is important that the form is filled in correctly and carefully as the information may form part of the Festival catalogue. 

Shorts can be sent in the following three ways:

1. Posting a copy to the FCZ office:

Centro Historias Zaragoza
Plza. San Agustín, 2,
50002 Zaragoza

2. Delivery in person at the FCZ Office.

3. Online free:

o emeil a: participacionfczyouth@festivalcinezaragoza.com  through


Shorts sent in DVD format must be in covers including the title, name of authors, year of production and duration.

Shorts will be accompanied by:

  • Registration form.
  • Certificate submitted by the education centre.
  • Technical and artistic details.
  • Synopsis (maximum 100 words).
  • Artistic record of the education centre submitting the short.
  • Two photos in digital format of scenes from the short or the shooting. To guarantee the quality of the images, they must have a resolution of 300ppp, and minimum size of 7 x 10.5. Photos on paper must have sufficient photographic quality.

Shorts submitted without the accompanying documentation required will not be accepted, neither will documentation without the short.

The FCZ organization acquires the Rights to exhibit the shorts during the duration of the Festival. It also reserves the right to use compilations of shorts as promotional material. Submitted copies will not be returned to the authors, as they will be included in the FCZ archive.




Shorts will be viewed by a Selection Committee appointed by the FCZ Management Committee and the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Film Festival Zaragoza, which will be chaired by the FCZ Director.

The selection of finalists will be announced 27 september 2018.

The shorts selected must be sent in their original format or in projection format before 30 October 2018 to the FCZ office at the address given above, indicating clearly the title, format, type of screen and type of sound.

One of the following exhibition formats must be used:


  • Digital Copy. The formats admitted will be communicated to the authors once they have been selected.


  • For all the shorts selected, a teaser, trailer or selection of stills must be sent for promotional purposes.




Official awards of the FCZ:

  • Augusto Prize for the best International Short, Primary School category.  
  • Augusto Prize for the best International Short, Secondary School category.  

Official awards of the FCZ sponsored by The 


  • Prize for the best International Short “Educational and citizenship Values”: 450 euros and certificate. 



  • The jury will be made up of professionals from the cinematographic, audiovisual, press and culture sectors, designated by the FCZ Organization, whose decision will be final.
  • All the prizes will be subjected to the withholding tax specified by law.
  • The jury has the right not to present an award.

The decisions made by the Selection Committee and the jury are final.





The Selection Committee designated by the FCZ organization and the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Film Festival Zaragoza will select the shorts in both categories. Once they have been selected, the participants will be informed about the conditions of display and the sending of the originals.


The FCZ can create an Informative Section, parallel to the Official Section, including shorts of interest which were not selected.


All shorts must be subtitled in Spanish o English.


Original shorts sent for exhibition must be the same as the copy initially entered on DVD. Any short not coinciding with the original DVD entry will be disqualified.


The authors of the entries selected will be allowed to introduce their shorts before they are shown.


The producers of the selected shorts authorize the use of clips not exceeding two minutes for promotion in the media.


The FCZ organization can show the selected shorts in any place and at any time they consider appropriate.


All the delivery expenses of the shorts will be borne by the participant while the expenses involved in returning any shorts will be borne by the Festival.


The FCZ Organization does not assume responsibility for any accidents, damage or loss caused to the shorts. Nevertheless, the organisers will be insured and all the necessary precautions for correct handling and return will be taken.


Any further information or clarification will be made available by post, telephone or e-mail to the FCZ office.


All participants agree to accept all the terms and conditions together with any decisions taken by the organization not included in these terms and conditions.


Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions are subject to modification caused by circumstances outside the control the FCZ organization.



Zaragoza, 10 de mayo de 2018